What was Welcome Dinner Bremen?

Welcome Dinner brought old and new Bremen women* together. Old-established city dwellers* have invited their new, immigrant or refugee fellow human beings to eat at their homes. Anyone who has ever been invited by hospitable people in a foreign culture knows what a special event this can be.
We were the platform that made these blessings possible. We arranged invitations from Bremer*innen to immigrants free of charge. The registration for the dinner was possible via a form as a guest or host*in on this website.

Over the past months and years, many people have come to Bremen and our city has become more and more diverse as a result. Welcome Dinner welcomes these people here in Bremen. Regardless of whether it was Bremen’s ancient rock or new to the city – Welcome Dinner gave everyone the opportunity to get to know each other at a joint meal, to exchange ideas and share eating cultures. It is this exchange that we wanted to encourage to go together for a get-together in our colourful Bremen.

Welcome dinner initiatives have received a lot of positive feedback in numerous cities – not only in Germany. Help to keep the spirit of this idea alive in Bremen!

1 October 2018

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